4RailCargo is the new modular range of ERP solutions created by the Ab Ovo Group, and allows easy access via SaaS methodology. It has been specifically designed for mid-sized and small rail cargo and inter-modal companies. It is also easy to access and does not require a complicated IT structure.

4RailCargo contains 3 solution packages: Base, Premium 1 and Premium 2. The first package supports basic business processes in all rail operating companies for long haul. The other two packages add greater functionality for general processes (like Contracts and Finance) and are primarily aimed at specific sectors in the rail industry (like first and last mile, shunting, etc.).

The packages contain several powerful and proven modules, which have been modeled and created using knowledge and experience available at the Ab Ovo Group. They feature all modules (from order to cash) needed for your operations, and are available in modular packages. You can choose the package that best suits your company needs.
Besides the (necessary) standard basic package, we offer 2 premium packages that help meet your needs and fully support your operations. They are also available for mobile devices, thus improving convenience and offering on-site operational support. Further details about the 4RailCargo SaaS set-up can be found in the Package Overview.

Base Package


  • Order module
  • Production planning module
  • Production execution module
  • Standing data module (including authorization & utils)
  • Data analysis module
  • Customer web portal
  • Web based mobile modules


Premium 1 Package


  • Contract module
  • Order module – Plus
  • Financial module
  • Production planning module – Plus
  • Data analysis module – Plus
  • Additional mobile modules

Premium 2 Package

premium 2

  • Intermodal module for Freight Forwarders
  • Intermodal module for Railway Companies
  • Purchase module
  • Wagon management module
  • Data analysis module –Plus
  • Additional mobile modules