The Base Package is a must for all rail cargo operators. It is aimed at effectively supporting the foundations of your business processes. Like all packages, it is directly available via the SaaS modus.

Key features

Production Order Planning

  • Easily assign your tasks to resources using drag and drop.
  • Multi-user planning tool; changes to the planning are immediately visible for all planners.
  • All planning actions are done from one centralized user interface.
  • Customizable user interfaces based on specific user needs.


Production Order Task

Product, Production Order, and Production Order Tasks

  • Planning starts with Products. Products are at the core of any business; it is what is ‘sold’ to the customer.
  • Products can be anything;
    • A weekly charter train
    • Shunting activities
    • Intermodal transport
    • Services, like Loading, Train / Load check
    • Internal repositioning of locomotives
  • A Production Order is the product on a specific date;
    • a charter train on a specific date.
  • Production Order Tasks are the tasks that are needed to deliver the Production Order.
  • Tasks can be anything;
    • A complete train run
    • Shunting activities
    • Train checks
    • Custom procedures

Centralized user interface

  • Create, copy, edit, cancel or delete Production orders and tasks.
  • Link, create, validate and publish train lists.
  • Event registration on task progress.
  • Create, copy, edit, cancel or delete shifts.
  • Add required ad hoc resources.
  • Link received wagon list information from partner to task.
  • Hand over trains to partners.
 wagon cargo

Wagon List

  • Standardized order intake via 4RailCargo wagon list interfaces (including Hermes 2.0) to replace the outdated -and time consuming- order intake via email, paper, phone and fax.
  • Received wagon lists are easily linked to production orders or tasks to create train lists.
  • Train lists can be automatically published to Infra Managers at hand over in various formats, including Hermes 2.0.
  • Because original customer data (raw data) is stored with the wagon list for future reference, complaints and reclamations are handled with the greatest of ease.
base package