Pricing Model

4RailCargo contains 3 solution packages: Base, Premium 1 and Premium 2. The Base package contains essential functionality for all rail operating companies, and is required for the SaaS implementation of 4RailCargo. The Premium 1 and Premium 2 packages supplement, and expand, the functionalities offered in the Base package and can be purchased alongside the Base package.

4RailCargo Pricing Model
  • Base Package (required)
  • License (including 5 'named' user licenses)
  • Extra 'named' user license package (6 to 10 users)
  • Extra 'named' user license package (> 10 users)
  • Premium Packages
  • License per premium package (2 options)
  • €40.000per year
  • €4.000per user per year
  • Per offer  
  • €20.000per year


The standard (Base) license includes five ‘named’ user licenses and the bronze SLA package The license includes free updates of the 4RailCargo system and corrective maintenance.


Service Levels

The 4RailCargo Base license comes standard with a Bronze level SLA package. This package offers 24/7 availability of the 4RailCargo SaaS application. 24/7 access to our online helpdesk system, and access to 1st line helpdesk on weekdays (Mo-Fr: 09.00-17.00). Next to the Bronze level SLA package, 4RailCargo also offers a Silver and Gold SLA package. The Silver and Gold SLA package extend your access to 1st line support. See table below for an overview of available SLA packages and pricing.

4RailCargo Service Level Agreement
  • Bronze SLA
  • 5 days of 8 hours support (Mo-Fr: 09:00-17:00)
  • Silver SLA
  • 5 days of 12 hours support (Mo-Fr: 07:00-19:00)
  • Golden SLA
  • 7 days of 24 hours support
  • Included  
  • €5.000per year
  • €25.000per year

Additional services

In addition to the 4RailCargo licenses, a services can be offered to support your migration to 4RailCargo quickly, reliably and efficiently.

4RailCargo Additional Services
  • Solution guide
  • Training
  • Train the trainer principle (2 key users)
  • Train the user group (up to 10 people)
  • Train the large user group (> 10 people)
  • Implementation Support
  • Standard interfaces (Hermes, Finance &...)
  • Additional interfaces
  • Additional (customized) features
  • Additional services (such as data migration, and specific configurations)
  • Included 
  • €2.000 
  • €4.000 
  • €5.000 
  • Included 
  • Per offer 
  • Per offer 
  • Per offer 


All prices are in Euro’s and excluding VAT.